AM2C®- Rotary Separators

Provisur’s AM2C® brand of rotary separators are recognized as global leaders in high-yield, durable mechanical separation equipment – producing a range of high or low-pressure solutions for a variety of markets. With more than 20 years of expertise, AM2C helps meat processors tackle today’s toughest challenges by delivering a complete line of separating, deboning and desinewing equipment.

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BEEHIVE®- Rotary Separators

For more than 50 years, Beehive® has built a legacy as the premium brand for separation equipment. With twin feed screws, independent drives and tapered chambers, Beehive separators have a unique ability to achieve maximum yields on a broad range of raw materials. Provisur’s Beehive separation equipment features a rotary action that preserves product quality.

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CASHIN®- Bacon & Pepperoni Slicing

For more than 50 years, Provisur’s Cashin® line of high-performance slicers has been the leading brand of streaky bacon and pepperoni slicing equipment in North America. The Cashin brand is renowned for reliability, high performance, ease of operation and maintenance, and low cost of ownership.

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Formax® Forming

Provisur’s lineup of Formax forming equipment remains the industry’s first choice, consistently selected by processors dedicated to superior quality and texture on products as diverse as hamburger patties, whole muscle chicken, nuggets and skinless sausages. Application flexibility and precision is achieved through proprietary filling systems including Tender-Form®, Forma-Link® and Verti-Form®, and Port-Fil®. Additional industries served with breakthrough forming technology include bakery, veterinary and pharmaceuticals.

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Formax® Slicing

Since introducing the first high-speed slicer over 35 years ago, Formax has been an innovative leader in slicing line performance, hygiene and yield, with developments such as 3D product scanners, independent product drives and automated cleanup position. That innovative spirit continues today with the introduction of the SX slicing systems.

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Hoegger®- Form pressing, CookChill, Separation

With a long history of machinery design and construction that dates back to 1870, the Hoegger brand has earned its reputation in the global food industry through innovation and superior performance. Examples of Hoegger leadership include the first 3D Form Press for bacon, industry-leading hard/soft separation technology for potatoes and fruit purees and a patented multi-layer pasteurization system that ensures product safety and extends shelf life for post package products.

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Lutetia®- Defrosting, Marinating, Tenderizing, Injecting

Proprietary processes, unmatched reliability and continuous innovation have helped make Provisur’s Lutetia® brand a global leader in defrosting, marinating, injecting and tenderizing technology for over 50 years. Patented steam-vacuum technology ensures higher yields and consistent product quality. More than 10,000 Lutetia systems have been installed worldwide.

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Multitec - Autoloading & Material Handling

Provisur’s Multitec brand of autoloading and product handling solutions to link today’s slicing and packaging systems. Multitec’s proven belt-loading systems will load almost any product presentation into any packaging format. Modular designs and proven concepts deliver a customized solution for each application.

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Weiler® - Cooking Solutions

Provisur’s recently redesigned cooking equipment, is now incorporated within the Weiler brand. 

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Weiler®- Mixing & Grinding Solutions

Weiler provides a wide range of durable and efficient mixing, grinding and product handling solutions to meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable processors. Founded in 1939, Weiler continues to produce innovative and long-lasting designs that increase throughput and deliver excellent product quality.

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