For more than 30 years, The Dantech Freezing Systems team has developed, manufactured and delivered high-quality solutions for the Food Processing Industry. With over 30 years been involved in more than 2,500 installations of systems worldwide, Dantech is an experienced and reliable partner delivering only the highest quality equipment for your processing needs.

Dantech’s experience stretches from all applications Freezing, Chilling, Cooling, Tempering, Cooking, Proofing and De-frosting systems. With a variety of experience in all the fields, flawless products with perfectly matched system components.

The customers of Dantech Freezing Systems benefit from the value of a superior, competitive edge, by using our products. As a recognized global specialist of IQF freezing and all other tempering applications, Dantech Freezing Systems develops, manufactures and supplies standard & custom made high-end solutions. offers the lowest energy consumption per Kilo product produced and the required experience from many sectors of the Food Industry and repeated valuable customers.

Dantech (Freezers)
Dantech (Freezers)

For industry-leading freezing solutions across all applications, Dantech freezers offer the lowest energy consumption and operational cost on the IQF market.

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