The Beehive® RSTD06 is widely recognized as the most versatile separator in the Provisur separation portfolio. Its unique ability to handle a broader range of raw products than other separators can handle puts it in a class by itself. Its precise controls allow the operator to generate a variety of textures, resulting in extraordinary “bite”, the capability to produce the best texture and the most premium end product possible.

With heavy-duty construction, low maintenance costs, a well-established track record of reliability and satisfied customers in over 50 countries worldwide, you owe it to your bottom line to start putting the RSTD06 to work on your processing line.

  • High yield, low calcium content
  • Patented automatic clearance adjustment with AutoCam
  • Minimizes calcium in end products
  • Fast, easy sanitation
  • Capable of deboning, desinewing and defatting
  • Powerful motor drives twin feed screws