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Our cutting edge design helps bacon processors optimize bacon pressing, scanning and slicing. Also, in partnership with JLS and Reiser, our best-in-class bacon line helps you streamline production, increase yields and maximize profits with Provisur.

Better technology to make bacon better.

Provisur is proud of its legacy of bacon processing excellence. Explore our products below to see our innovative technologies.

Lutetia Tumblers product image

Lutetia® Tumblers

Provisur’s Lutetia® tumblers improve productivity by consolidating multiple processes into one operation – including curing, cooking, tumbling, marinating, defrosting and more. Our patented steam-vacuum process provides fast and homogeneous distribution of ingredients from the surface right to the core of the belly, improving overall yield and quality.

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Lutetia® Tumblers

Lutetia Chambers product image

Lutetia® Chambers

Lutetia® Chambers use a patented cold convection technology that optimizes conditions for heat transfer between the surface of the food and humidity in the air – resulting in faster defrosting times while improving quality and safety.

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Lutetia® Chambers

Lutetia Injectors product image

Lutetia® Injectors

Provisur’s Lutetia® injecting machinery sets the global standard for flexibility, durability and food safety. Injection, tenderizing, and lacerating can all be incorporated into one unit, yet each of these functions can be individually controlled with the easy-to-use PLC.

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Lutetia® Injectors

Lutetia Chambers product image

Lutetia® Chambers

Lutetia® Chambers use a patented cold convection technology that optimizes conditions for heat transfer between the surface of the food and humidity in the air – resulting in faster defrosting times while improving quality and safety.

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Lutetia® Chambers

Hoegger TrimX product image

Hoegger® TrimX®

Provisur’s intelligent Hoegger® TrimX® meat sizing system has been engineered to increase yield and increase slicer throughput resulting in more #1 slices from each belly with less debris on the line.

  • Maximum yields
  • Higher quality, bacon consistency

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Hoegger® TrimX®

Hoegger X Series product image

Hoegger® X Series Form Presses

Provisur’s extensive experience in form pressing meat products is reflected in the latest Hoegger machines, the X Series Form presses. Gentle forming of even large deformations helps guarantees better yield.

  • Maximum yield, minimum operating costs
  • Servo control technology for higher throughput and pressing accuracy

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Hoegger® Form Presses

CashinSX Slicer product image


The new CashinSX combines the best of the Cashin and SX platforms to provide maximum slicing performance for retail and food service applications. Next-generation features allow for superior weight control, accurate slice counts, and consistent slice thickness – improving yields, throughput, and quality for bacon processors.

  • Integrated scanning for superior weight control
  • 80+ drafts per minute, depending on slice count
  • Small footprint with user-friendly controls and easy maintenance
  • Accurate portion control, exact slice count, and consistent slice thickness within each draft

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CashinEDGE Slicer product image

CashinEDGE Slicer

A legendary performer, the CashinEDGE System provides slicing reliability and flexibility at speeds up to 2,000 rpm and 60 drafts per minute (retail) or up to 120 sheets per minute (food service). The CashinEDGE is simple to operate and maintain and is complemented by a wide array of downstream product handling solutions.

  • High slicing performance in a small footprint
  • Simple setup, operation, and maintenance for maximum uptime

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CashingEDGE Retail Bacon
CashingEDGE Food Service Bacon

Fomax SX330 product image

Formax® SX330

Provisur’s powerful, compact Formax® SX330 slicer takes on your short runs and rapid changeovers of meats and cheese with ease and efficiency. It has the blade speeds and larger throat to deliver higher productivity as your business grows.

  • Versatility and performance in a small footprint
  • Capable of slicing, bacon, deli meats, and cheese with minimal required changeover time

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Formax® SX330

Scanner (SCN) product image

Scanner (SCN)

Our next-generation 3D scanning technology determines how to accurately portion each belly before the first slice is cut. It’s the fastest, most accurate way to achieve precise portion weights, uniform slice thickness and exact slice counts for higher yields and faster throughput. This system can be easily paired with the SX330 to optimize slicing performance.

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Provisur Scanner

Converyor belt

Product Handling

Provisur’s wide range of product handling systems are available to automate portion handling and offer a variety of presentation options. Our peripheral equipment easily integrates with slicers and extends their capabilities to maximize throughput and productivity. Our peripheral equipment easily integrates with our slicers to maximize productivity while minimizing the labor required.

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Product Handling Solutions

Harrier Bacon Draft Loader

The Harrier Bacon Draft System from JLS automates the picking, folding, rotating and loading of boarded bacon drafts at up to 75 drafts per minute. This system replaces the typical complex series of conveyors and devices that are often used for a similar process. Its durable, hygienic, vision-guided design is based on 20+ years of experience and customer input.

  • Configured for easy operation, intuitive feedback and quick recovery
  • Off weight or non-qualified drafts identified and delivered for correction
  • Grooming area allows for final product and seal edge inspection prior to top film section

Variovac Primus Thermoformer by Reiser

This Variovac Primus Thermoformer by Reiser is an innovative, high-capacity, form/fill/seal packaging machine. The Primus stands out with its high packaging performance — creating shaped, semi-rigid or sophisticated packages with ease. Its four-point pneumatic lifting system improves the machine’s forming and sealing precision.

  • Uniquely designed for proper draft placement and maximum control during cycle starts/stops
  • Faster forming/sealing/vacuuming
  • Longer pause for loading times
  • Lower acceleration/deceleration
  • Consistent, better final packages at high speeds

Best-in-class bacon line

Provisur, JLS and Reiser have proudly partnered to bring you the most innovative fully automated retail bacon processing line in the industry. It will maximize your efficiencies to get the most yields, greater quality, and better profits from bacon bellies.

Best-In-Class Line Advantages

  • Best possible yields
  • Highest throughput
  • Reduced labor
  • High pass rates
  • Excellent draft quality

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Mike Collins

Mike Collins is a Provisur Product Specialist in Bacon and Cured Meats. An industry expert for nearly 20 years, Mike knows bacon inside and out. See the Q&A.

Labor is the single biggest issue facing bacon processors and the meat industry in general. Finding, training, and retaining quality workers has always been a challenge and has been made exponentially worse with COVID. Bacon processing is especially labor intensive due to the natural product shape and the resulting wide range of belly shapes and sizes. Anything that can be done to reduce the required labor in the process not only reduces cost, but also makes it much easier to manage the business on a daily basis and consistently hit the production numbers needed.

The labor issue is not just on the production side, but also extends to the maintenance side of the business, as well. Maintenance staffs have been streamlined, which means fewer techs are available to service all the equipment in the facility. Many processors have to rely heavily on the service support of their equipment suppliers to help keep the equipment up and running in good working order. Remote monitoring capabilities built into the equipment and 24/7 phone support can go a long way in reducing line down time.

Another big challenge facing bacon processors is effectively handling and processing larger bellies. In recent years, farmers have been producing larger hogs and bellies to increase bacon quantities. The bigger bellies, however, are less uniform, creating more defects that are difficult to press out when forming bacon on a mass scale. This results in lower yields, reduced slicer line throughput and the need for more line operators.

With the right technology integrated throughout bacon processing, producers can reduce labor and achieve top quality while maximizing profitability of naturally shaped products.

It starts with proper trimming of these bellies directly before pressing and slicing. The Hoegger TrimX was designed just for this purpose. The intelligent system automatically detects and cuts away all belly defects, including fish tails, dropped CT muscle, and thin fat edges prior to the belly reaching the press. The end result after pressing is a perfectly shaped belly that produces the highest possible amount of quality slices. And with our Hoegger X Series Form Presses, intelligent servo press technology uses controlled compression to ensure gentle forming of bacon to deliver maximum yields with minimum giveaway. A slicer that has accurate weight control producing minimal give away, and is able to get every last slice out of each belly, will also help maximize yields.

Equipment like the Hoegger TrimX, with its integrated flattener, scanner, side strapper and docker, can analyze belly dimensions, fat and lean, dock ends and any defects or thin areas prior to pressing and slicing. The imperfect parts are then sliced off. Side strapping and docking functions protect good meat from over-pressing by removing bad areas and optimizing belly volume. Operators can easily adjust and store parameters to match a customer’s slicing requirements, or optimize trimming depending on current market value. This intelligent cutting strategy results in increased throughput and yields, less debris, and ensures the highest quality slices from every single belly.

Hoegger X Series Form Presses deliver higher yields with minimum giveaway due our improved dynamic press process, intelligent algorithms and latest-technology servo controlled drives.

The New CashinSX Bacon Slicer is designed to deliver accurate weight control and maximum yields at high rates of speed. The slicer utilizes an integrated product scanning system to proactively determine how to slice each belly to get exact slice count, accurate portion control, minimal giveaway, and consistent slices thickness throughout each draft. The product infeed drive controls the belly all the way up to the blade to get every last usable slice. The CashinSX also has a very small footprint, which allows it to fit into the tightest production floors.

Our X Series Form Presses feature versatile loading and unloading modules that can be fully integrated into existing or new production lines. And with the TrimX smart meat sizing system, processors can combine trimming, scanning and pressing into one machine - which can improve yield by approximately 2%. It also allows the slicing line to run faster by about 10% because instead of each blade revolution slicing bad slices, it is only slicing good slices. That also improves throughput. As throughput increases, labor costs reduce. For example, what once took two shifts a day per week to produce 500,000 pounds now takes four-and-one-quarter shifts per week when smart meat sizing is integrated into the process.

Depending the processor’s available floor space and objectives, Provisur can integrate the TrimX, XPress, and CashinSX slicer into an automated line. A single TrimX can feed two XPresses, which can then feed four CashinSX slicers. This will provide the highest possible yields while minimizing labor.

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