The CashinEDGE® bulk bacon slicer provides bacon processors a significant competitive edge by delivering increased yields, greater throughput and accurate slice count control. Minimal giveaway at high production speeds is another important benefit. From its user-friendly design and controls that simplify operations to its new product drive system that securely delivers bellies to the blade, the CashinEDGE® is proving to be a superior slicing solution and the #1 choice of North American streaky bacon processors.

Our CashinEDGE® HS will also provide you with competitive advantages when it comes to increased yields, greater throughput and accurate slice count control. It’s the smart and simple way to slice bacon with highest performance at the very lowest ownership costs.

Be assured, all CashinEDGE® industrial bacon slicers will fit seamlessly into new and existing Cashin® Bacon System lines.

To maximize portion control, yields and line reliability, check out our new CashinSX. This advanced technology combines the best of Cashin and SX platforms with next-generation features for superior slicing performance.

  • Higher slicing yields and reduced giveaway
  • 2,000 rpm blade speed and over 60 drafts per minute
  • Slice count control
  • Optimized slice quality and draft presentation
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Durable design, reliable performance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Controls
  • North American streaky bacon
  • Turkey bacon
Presentation Options
  • Retail shingle
  • Tight shingle / stack pack up to 3 lb (1.36 kg) portion size
  • Bulk
Features and Specifications
Throat Area 2.75" x 11.5" / 70 mm x 292 mm
Belly Length Continuous feed & unlimited length
Blade Speed 2,000 rpm
Throughput Over 60 drafts per minute (slice count dependent)
Product Feed System Servo driven upper pantagraph hold down with lower infeed conveyor
Number of Product Feeds One
Number of Scales and Classifiers One add-a-slice weigh head on machine with downstream checkweigher, classifier available with downstream conveyor options
Touchscreen Control 12" / 305 mm color screen
Electrical Control Cabinet Location On machine or remotely mounted
Machine Controls Allen-Bradley PLC
Options and Peripherals Profile sensor
Servo card dispenser (one or two chambers)
Triple track conveyor
Accept/reject conveyor
Load assist conveyor (with and without turning stations)
Remote blade honer
Model Specifications