The CashinSX® combines the best of the Cashin and SX platforms to provide maximum slicing performance for retail and food service applications. Next-generation features allow for superior weight control, accurate slice counts, and consistent slice thickness – improving yields, throughput, and quality for bacon processors.

  • Integrated scanning for superior weight control
  • 80+ dpm, slice count dependent
  • Flexible loading options
  • Small footprint
  • User-friendly controls
  • Easy maintenance
  • North American streaky bacon
  • Turkey bacon
Features and Specifications
Throat Area 3.25 x 11.5 (83mm x 292mm)
Blade Speed 2000 rpm
Product Feed System Continuous Feed
Operating and Control System Windows CE and Beckhoff
Touch Screen 15” (9380mm)
Seam Rejection Automatic
Weight Control Method On-Board 3D Scanners
Drafts Per Minute Up to 80 drafts/minute*
Slice Count Exact to Target
Slice Thickness Within Draft Consistent
Single Slice Lay Flat Speed 140 spm (9-11 slice count)

*Depending on slice count

Model Specifications