Provisur’s smart Hoegger TrimX meat sizing system is comprised of the flattener, scanner, side strapper and docker for bacon bellies. It has been engineered to increase yield and increase slicer throughput resulting in more meat going into #1 slices with less debris on the line.

  • Smart trimming decision
  • More meat goes into #1 slices
  • Increase yield by protecting good meat from over-pressing
  • Total Control
  • Best-in-class control technology
  • Traceability and visibility
Features and Benefits
Smart Trimming Decision 3D scan of the bacon belly, which includes an analysis of belly dimensions, fat and lean, and defects
Side Strapping Meat model based side strapping
Docking Prepare belly ends for optimum pressing and slicing
Total Control All parameters and decisions are easy to adapt and adjustable with the HMI assistant
Traceability and Visibility Volume, dimensions, shape, defects and dock ends are stored in a database
Best-In-Class Technology Simple and fast remove access to the machine enables fault-diagnosis, supervised preventative maintenance and enhanced customer service and support
Model Specifications