Only Provisur’s next-generation food scanners use blue-light sensor technology to record every crack, crevice, peak, and valley in your products for a true three-dimensional image. The result? Uniform slice thickness and exact slice counts that give you the fastest, most accurate weight control.

Our meat scanning technology determines how to accurately portion each log before the first slice is cut. Precise portion weights, consistent slice thickness, and exact slice counts are all possible.

  • Very fast and accurate; up to 12 scans per minute
  • Option to vary slice count or vary slice thickness
  • Open design; design and hygiene match that of the SX380
  • Less sensitive to ambient light conditions and product coloring
  • Easy to calibrate and align scanning plane
  • Direct feeding into the slicer; side shifting product is not required
  • IP69K-rated components
  • Simple, tool-free assembly
Conveyor width
(scan width)
380 mm (15”) 545 mm (21.5”)
Scan length 800 mm – standard
1000 mm, 1200 mm – optional
800 mm – standard
1000 mm, 1200 mm – optional
Scan height 203 mm (8”) 203 mm (8”)
Number of lanes 4 products at once 4 products at once
Number of scales 1 1 or 2
Number of sensors 4 4
Speed 12 scans per minute 12 scans per minute
Model Specifications