Using patented Lutetia® cold convection chamber technology optimizes conditions for transfer between the surface of the food and humidity in the air and balances the internal distribution of heat in the food and transfer to the interface. Therefore, surface heating managed and heat provision is optimized for a faster defrosting and optimum food quality and safety.

  • High speed air circulation, which renews the boundary layer and accelerates heat transfer
  • Regulated heat provision (air, water, steam) and cold provision (air, water)
  • Static procedure which respects the most fragile foods
  • Static procedure which respects the most fragile foods
  • Maintenance of ambient and surface humidity by injection of steam and water spraying, which reduces drying and encourages heat transfer
  • Cold convection allows product to be defrosted much faster than microbial latency
Features and Specifications
Configuration Options Single or double chambers are available. The number of trolleys that can be selected for single chamber units is 1 through 10. Trolley options available for the double chamber units are designated as 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4 or 5+5. For technical specifications, please reference the chart below or download the brochure.
Cold Convection Includes a turbine, water misting nozzle, Glycol-air exchanger, steam manifold and steam circuit
Model Specifications