Provisur Provides Perfect Burger Solution to Customers Hungry for Innovation

When it comes to making the “Perfect Burger”, Provisur Technologies is all about helping its customers make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. That’s important, because as home to the Beehive, Formax and Weiler family of brands, Provisur is uniquely qualified to satisfy its customers’ hunger for innovation with proprietary technologies from raw materials to formed products.

The “Formula for the Perfect Burger” uses simple addition to deliver the full range of integrated solutions and fully multiply the power of Provisur’s grinding, separating, meat recovery, mixing and forming capabilities. In mathematical form, Weiler + Beehive + Formax = The Perfect Burger. And no wonder, because this opportunity puts the power of the industry’s broadest platform of equipment and an unmatched team of professionals at the command of the customer. Provisur’s solution starts with the superior grinding and mixing capabilities of Weiler and builds upon the unmatched separating and meat recovery technologies of Beehive. Then, whether the end product is today’s thick, premium burgers or a more conventional patty, the product is formed to perfection as only Formax can.

Provisur extends the power of its “Formula” with equipment and superior 24/7 technical support. Advanced mixer/grinder systems from Weiler, like those found in the Dominator series, promise 98 percent product flow efficiency and reduce operating costs. The exclusive Balanced Flow technology, incorporated into Dominator systems, virtually eliminates roll back, turbulence and unnecessary work to the raw material. This results in consistent particle definition, great texture, optimal bone and hard tissue removal and a better product overall.

The Beehive brand is renowned for its leading meat recovery and separation technologies, including its exclusive Piranha Desinewer/Filter. The Piranha increases production volume by extracting high quality ground meat from bone collection materials. It returns 95 percent of the product as a clean, ground meat product. This technology is a key reason Beehive is so highly respected for innovations that both preserve product quality and contribute to the bottom line.

As the industry’s number one brand, the Formax Maxum700, Ultra26, F26-Y HYBRID, F-19, F-400 and F-6 make the right addition to the “Formula” with their higher throughput, product versatility and low cost of ownership. The Maxum700 offers the industry’s largest capacity with speeds up to 120 strokes per minute and production rates up to 4536 kg an hour. Its operation is powered by two mechanically independent servomotors that control the machine’s programmable mold plate and knock-out drives –further eliminating product variations. The high capacity Ultra26 forming system optimizes line performance, reduces maintenance and enhances portion control with its direct-coupled servomotor that further reduces mechanical components and enhances system control.

Beyond the systems themselves, Formax offers exclusive filling and tooling solutions for the best burgers in the business. Tender-Form allows heat to pass through the patties more quickly, so burgers cook evenly and retain their original size. And the HomeStyle Patty System enables processors to add even more value by producing patties with broken edges for a more homemade product appearance. Patty size, weight, shape, thickness and texture are up to the processor’s choice, and the automated paper feed system makes the entire operation cleaner and more sanitary than alternatives.

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