Provisur Brings Integrated Platform of Processing Technologies to AMI Booth #1013

As home to the Beehive, Cashin, Formax and Weiler family of brands, Provisur Technologies comes to the AMI with exciting innovations from raw material to finished product. And it’s exactly what makes this must-see exhibit so interesting, as Provisur presents the broadest platform of automated forming, slicing, grinding, mixing, and bone and hard tissue removal systems in the food processing industry.

Guests will discover new ways to ramp up their throughput, food safety and yields as Provisur turns the spotlight on the benefits of their leading equipment brands. So whether a processor is looking to enhance speed, hygiene or portion control, Provisur promises them much more – a seamlessly integrated solution made possible by the depth of their experience and breadth of their diversified lines. They call it “Ingenuity Made To Order”, and it’s readily apparent at this year’s AMI.

As the world’s leading brand in meat recovery and bone and hard tissue removal equipment, the Beehive brand is unmatched in its ability to capture high quality ground product from meat, poultry and other raw materials. The Piranha, on exhibit, extracts high quality ground meat from waste materials and returns 95 percent as saleable product.

New from Cashin is the CashinEDGE Bulk Pepperoni Slicer that brings a new generation of productivity to processors. With a generous 14.5″ throat capacity and a high speed blade designed for slicing at speeds up to 2000 rpm, the CashinEDGE offers throughput improvements up to 80 percent.

Formax is exhibiting the state-of-the-art slicing technology of the PowerMax3000 slicing system that provides users with the option for up to three independent product drives. The PowerMax3000’s large capacity 15″ slicing throat and fast loading center rear load design maximize productivity. And when teamed with Formax’s optional PowerScanner system, the PowerMax3000 also facilitates accurate portioning with natural and irregularly shaped products.

The precision quality and innovation of Formax forming equipment shows in its ability to enhance product appearance, yields and lower ownership costs. The Maxum700, on exhibit, offers high volume processors a new path to optimum line performance, reduced maintenance and enhanced portion control with its servo knock out drives and more. Formax is the industry’s first choice for high performance forming equipment.

Weiler equipment is known for innovative engineering, heavy-duty construction and low-cost maintenance. Their new VM36 Vacuum Mixer is especially designed to mix raw materials incorporating spices, additives and liquids – delivering the most premium product possible. And the VM36 is built Weiler tough, making it perfect for poultry and sausage applications. A second new product in the Weiler portfolio is the highly versatile OMNI V 1107 Multi-Grinder. As today’s solution for grinding fresh product and frozen blocks, the OMNI V 1107 leads the way with innovations that include independently controlled feed screws and Weiler’s Balanced Flow™.

Provisur’s commitment to innovation and education continues at the AMI and beyond. Look for the upcoming “Formula For The Perfect Burger” Webinar on Wednesday, May 18th! Visit to learn more and register today!