Provisur Technologies Accentuates New Systems and Innovation at 2011 IPE

Provisur Technologies is coming to the IPE with new innovations for poultry processors from its leading Beehive, Cashin, Formax and Weiler family of brands. This exhibit from Provisur places the spotlight on food safety, low cost of ownership, durability and precision performance from raw material to finished product. Visitors will see the broadest platform of automated forming, slicing, grinding, mixing and separating systems available under one roof.

As the world leader in meat recovery and separating equipment, Beehive will introduce its versatile BeeMax Tissue Recovery Systems for producing MSC, textured, ground and desinewed product. The BeeMax Systems combine high output chamber configurations and advanced chamber patterns with the efficiency of a modular system concept for unprecedented performance. The system eliminates pre-breaking requirements with chicken and features a low in-feed height. Product quality is enhanced by adjustable in-feed pressure, slow auger speed and its patented Beehive tapered head technology that prevents chamber matting and improves the quality of the recovered product.

Formax is the industry’s first name in high performance forming and slicing and a leader with tomorrow’s solutions for processing superior products from emulsified to whole muscle poultry. For the coming exhibition, Formax will display the Maxum700 that offers poultry processors the industry’s largest capacity with speeds up to 120 strokes per minute and production rates up to 10,000 pounds (4536 kg) an hour. The Maxum700 promises excellent product quality and texture with its various mold plate actions designed for chicken, as well as burgers, sausages and more

Visitors to the IPE will find the Maxum700 is unmatched in terms of its productivity, sanitation and low cost of ownership. In a recent poultry installation, a Maxum700 with Servo STS reduced existing equipment and labor by 50 percent without compromising quality. And bottom line, Maxum700 also delivered substantial savings on annual maintenance costs.

Weiler will debut two of its latest innovations for efficient mixing and grinding at the IPE, featuring Weiler Tough construction, hygienic design and processing flexibility. The Weiler VM36 Vacuum Mixer is 36-cubic feet (1000 liter) and utilizes a counter-rotating or similar rotating paddle system designed for efficient mixing of raw materials, including spices, additives and liquids, and delivering the most consistent end product possible. Additionally, the VM36 utilizes the processor’s choice of paddles or ribbons within the mixer tub for ultimate application versatility.

The heavy-duty grinding innovation of the Weiler OMNI V 1107 Multi-Grinder will also be on the exhibition floor. As today’s solution for grinding everything from fresh product to frozen blocks, the OMNI V offers the same rugged reliability and durability that has made Weiler equipment the industry leader worldwide. The system also eliminates all requirements for changeover and quick speed adjustments, so operators can optimize production quality and volume with fresh or frozen applications even in the most demanding work environments.

The OMNI V was developed with innovative features and processing flexibility in mind, including independently controlled feed screws and Weiler’s Balanced Flow Technology. Balanced Flow promises more efficient handling during grinding, while offering consistent particle definition, improved texture and superior product quality. Importantly, the OMNI V delivers the industry’s lowest cost of ownership, making it the perfect addition to any poultry processing line.

See all this at IPE Booth #5468.