Provisur Technologies Accentuates New Systems and Innovation

With the introduction of its new PowerMax3000, PowerMax4000 and PowerScanner technologies, Formax is exceeding the expectations of slicing customers with its innovation worldwide. The company’s success, in fact, is so widespread that it is now presenting processors with a guarantee called, “THE POWERMAXPROMISE.”

“The PowerMaxPromise is a guarantee that simply says We Will meet or exceed your expectations,” said Brian Sandberg, Global Product Manager of Provisur Technologies. “Whether it’s delivering the ultimate in food safety, the lowest ownership costs or providing higher yields, The PowerMax Promise says We Will be there for you. It’s a testament to what our advanced technologies are capable of achieving, and it’s our guarantee to an industry in pursuit of greater productivity, food safety and profit.”

In order to demonstrate value behind THE POWERMAX PROMISE, Formax is hosting a new website at complete with live action video of the PowerMax3000 and PowerMax4000 in full operation. The videos show the superior flexibility, unequaled food safety features and performance of PowerMax slicing systems thanks to the higher accuracy of independent product drives, patented Formax® blade technology, safety laser scanner and more. The website also includes a valuable TEST YOUR PRODUCT link that takes visitors to an application form for a LIVE TEST of their own product at Formax’s facility near Chicago, Illinois.

PowerMax slicing systems were introduced in response to increased processor demand for maximum flexibility and throughput. The new mid-sized PowerMax3000 slicing system promises unmatched performance with up to three independent product drives, a generous 15″ slicing throat (380mm) and a fast loading center rear-load design.

“The independent drives, scales and classifiers on the PowerMax3000 operate as three separate slicing systems built into one machine,” continued Mr. Sandberg. “The slicing system optimizes weight control for each sliced portion and promises overall slice quality consistency regardless of the variation in log size and length. Formax’s safety laser system means fewer guards and leaves the slicer wide open for easier and faster washdown.

The PowerMax4000 is available with up to four independent product feeds and the corresponding number of dynamic scales and classifiers. It is set apart by its 8″ x 18.5″ (205mm x 470mm) slicing throat that’s capable of slicing a four up 4″ x 6″ (100mm x 150mm) product in the stand-up position with easy changeovers to products having round, square, rectangle and D-shapes.

In terms of weight control and yields, the PowerMax slicing systems are unmatched. Independent product drives provide operators with complete control over each log as the product is delivered to the blade. And even when log lengths vary, PowerMax slicing systems automatically compensate for the differences in length and enable all products to finish slicing at the same time. Benefits include consistent slice thickness, accurate product weights, minimal giveaway and faster payback times.

Formax’s new PowerScanner provides the slicer with the critical data required for proactive weight control. This state-of-the-art scanning system uses a sophisticated system of cameras and lasers to redline the top and bottom of natural or irregularly shaped products and generates a true 3-D image. It enhances slicing performance and yields with back bacon, schinken, tenderloins, prosciutto and more. When paired with a PowerMax slicing system, the combined technologies are capable of generating superior accept rates, minimizing giveaway and cutting waste up to two percent versus other slicing systems.

These unprecedented levels of performance exemplify the powerful technologies that support THE POWERMAX PROMISE and Formax’s ability to make slicing faster and more accurate than ever before.