Cashin® Ingenuity Is More Than A Goal. It’s A Promise.

Cashin is the name for reliability, performance and low cost of ownership and has been for over 40 years. Now Cashin introduces the CashinEDGE™ Retail and Layout Bacon, Pepperoni and Multi-Slicer systems that bring a new generation of achievement to the production floor that far surpasses the ordinary. All in the same footprint as previous platforms.

From the consistent slicing performance to the added confidence of their hygienic designs, CashinEDGE Slicing Systems promise tomorrow’s solutions today. Innovations common to the CashinEDGE line include accurate product drives, new Cashin blade technologies, up to 2000 rpm slicing speed and advanced hygienic features. That adds up to exceptional slice integrity, higher yields and increased throughput with lower maintenance costs for a lifetime – ingenuity that is more than a goal, it’s a promise.