• Feed the Former

    Feed The Former

    This new raw material transfer system automatically feeds formers and stuffers and can be developed utilizing conveyors or pumps.


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  • Grinding Mixing Forming

    Grinding, Mixing, Forming

    Flexibility is often a key goal when processors approach Provisur about creating a customized and integrated system designed to simplify the production of multiple products, including ground beef patties and bricks, cooked meatballs and other formed products.

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  • Seafood Processing: nuggets patties and whole filets

    Seafood Separation, Forming and Further Processing

    With worldwide demand for affordable and healthy protein rising at a rapid pace, Provisur has been at the forefront of helping seafood processors in the Asian market apply our most advanced technology in order to profitably satisfy their customers with high-quality products, produced in high volumes.

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  • Chicken Separation

    Chicken Separation

    Processors looking to wring every measure of value out of the poultry they process often turn to Provisur for the most effective counsel and most efficient methods of separating valuable meat from carcass bones after the prime cuts have been harvested.

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  • Beef Separation

    Red Meat Separation

    With labor and feed costs increasing annually, processors throughout the world are constantly looking for ways to maximize carcass utilization while maintaining minimum production costs. After all, beef bones still retain up to 30% meat to bone weight after hand trimming. With both press and rotary technologies within our portfolio of separation equipment no supplier can match Provisur’s ability to custom configure the best system for the applications you have in mind.

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  • Retail Bacon Slicing

    Retail Bacon Slicing

    With greater yields, higher throughput and lower labor costs as their primary goals, a high-volume, bacon processor asked the Provisur team for an integrated system that would positively affect their bottom line.

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  • Retail Bacon Slicing to Roll Stock Packaging

    Bacon Slicing/Roll Stock

    With high-speed roll stock packaging equipment already in place, this bacon processor relied on Provisur to deliver an automated press to slice solution that would deliver the required throughput and maximize yield, while also minimizing labor costs and product giveaway.

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  • Retail Bacon Slicing with 3D Scanner

    Bacon Pressing/Slicing/Scanning

    With demand for their retail bacon products growing, our customer was eager to upgrade their slicing lines to achieve greater throughput, improved yields and higher levels of automated efficiency that would help them better control labor costs.

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  • Variety pack deli meat slicing

    Variety Pack Deli Meat Slicing

    Provisur was approached by a long-time customer with a desire to profitably extend their product offering by producing a line of high-margin deli-meat variety packs.

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