Rely on new Lutetia technology to improve your process efficiency, increase your yields and deliver reliable performance in at least 6 innovative and flexible ways. Lutetia’s patented Steam-Vacuum Process has positioned the Lutetia brand as the industry leader. Steam–vacuum defrosting saves time and improves yields. Patented Lutetia® technology allows the gradual low-pressure injection of steam under vacuum to speed the thawing process without danger of cooking the product surface. Frozen blocks are gradually separated and uniform temperatures are achieved via vacuum tumbler rotation. Yields typically improve by 4-8 percent when using this process. Salting, tenderizing, smoking, cooking, cooling and PROactivation can also be controlled in a single, time-saving operation.

  • Fully automated cycle control and cycle times that are 3-6 times faster
  • Innovative low-pressure steam injection allows a faster defrosting with no surface cooking
  • An exclusive helicoidal baffle ensures a gentle rotation that is suitable for all frozen and fresh processed products
  • The unique double jacket provides heating and cooling control that is precise and timesaving
  • Versatile process integration saves time and boosts yields
  • Hygienic design and operation is assured
  • Easy sanitation helps protect against microbial growth while the wide and conveniently operated door allows easy cleaning and visual inspection
  • The steam-vacuum process allows defrosting much faster than microbial latency
  • Vacuum and rotation helps to reabsorb juices thus reducing protein loss
  • Boneless products can be defrosted in the meat tumbler. We have many applications worldwide.
Features and Specifications
Configuration Options Type 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 40, 400, 5, 6, 7 with capacities from 60 to 3800 kg. Also available in single and double jacket. For technical specifications, please reference the chart below or the brochure.
Steam-vacuum dynamic defrosting Options include steam circuit, double-jacket, block breaker, block conveyor and unloading hopper
Benefits of a double jacket Advantages of double jacket systems are control of product temperature after defrosting and reduction and control of the added water during defrosting
Benefits of a block breaker Lutetia's block breaker uses hydraulic pressure to reduce block size for faster defrosting, improving product and quality and homogeneity.
Model Specifications