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Product Handling Equipment

Belly Splitter

The Hoegger® Belly Splitter is designed to split bellies into 2 to 5 pieces, in a very controlled manner. After pressing, the belly is fully and automatically cut into the desired number of pieces. Depending on your slicer’s specifications, the Belly Splitter can be programmed to cut the whole product lengthwise or to trim off only part of it. If needed, product side strapping can be added. The unit is easy to clean and designed to the safety and operating requirements of the food industry.

Models: BS750, BS900


  • Fully automated
  • Split bellies into 2 – 5 strips
  • Side strapping optional
  • Accurate product orientation
  • Fully automated in-line production
  • Adjustable: whole or partial cut
  • High performance, proprietary blade technology