Provisur’s immense experience in form pressing of a variety of meat products is reflected in the latest Hoegger machine, the X4 form press. Controlling gentle forming of the products guarantees maximum yield at minimum operating costs, even with large deformations. The heart of the new X4 press is the servo press technology. This enables fast and precise travel profiles and controlled application of force.

Models: E4, X4, X4i available in low, medium and high capacity

  • Higher yield – lower give away
    • Servo press technology enables fast and precise drive-profiles and a dynamic application of forces.
    • Controlled compression maximizes yield and minimizes giveaway.
  • User friendly
    • Modern user management and audit trail ensure, controlled, secure operator inputs.
    • Easy to use assistants greatly support machine set up and process optimization
    • An intelligent message system guides the user in any situation.
  • Intelligent force control
    • The three-dimensional, self-adjusting position and force application allows for a controlled, gentle forming of the product therefore guarantees maximum yield even when the incoming product if greatly deformed and requires major re-shaping.
  • Dynamic pressing
    • Proven technology to reduce belly cracking and deep wrinkles to a minimum.
    • First Class pressing results regardless of the incoming product.
    • Because of the machines ability to significantly changes the form of the products, lowest cost raw material can be purchased.
    • The dynamic flex range up to 4 inches (100 mm) allows maximum flexibility for each product with the same die set.
  • Full automated press-slice-pack process
    • Versatile loading and unloading modules enable the press to be fully integrated into existing or new product lines
  • Onboard OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
    •  As well as precise axis-control and a spacious ultra-modern HMI, the State of the Art control architecture provides an open and agile development platform for all industry 4.0.
    • Simple and Fast remote access of the machine enables fault-diagnosis, supervised preventive maintenance and enhanced customer-service and support.
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
    • There are three throughput-performance classes of Servo Pressing Technology. The throughput-classes differ only in cycles per minute. The presses process is identical for all three.
    • According to your needs, the basic machine can be upgraded or retro-fitted with an array of performance-enhancing options.
Model Specifications