Burgers have better texture, shrink less, cook more evenly and taste homemade. Designed for today’s ground beef products. Tender-Form® creates small columns of products that are stacked vertically. The cavity is filled during the dwell period of the mold plate. Advantages of this type of fill system include, more even cooking, consistent internal temperatures, better overall shapes, and an improved tender texture. Used mainly on ground Beef and Pork products.


Creates whole muscle portions with precise weight control and excellent texture. Designed to improve the whole muscle texture of a product. The Port-Fill® method helps to separate or sort the large muscle filet and directs the product to a filling station. The additional use of a pneumatic shear bar device assists in cutting tough tendons from the trailing rear edge of the formed products. This method allows for larger single muscle portions to fill the mold plate cavity. Used mostly with Poultry and Fish.


Creates great whole muscle steaks, ribs, pork chops and more without the high unit costs. Designed for whole muscle meat or large chunk products. Larger muscle chunks are forced under pressure into the cavity during the dwell period of the mold plate. The mold plate acts as a shear, cutting the product muscle as it travels forward. Commonly used in forming of Poultry, Fish, Cheese, Fruit or Vegetable products.

Formax® Forming Tooling

Formax Tooling is measured and manufactured to work with your Formax® forming equipment. Innovative systems for whole muscle poultry, chicken nuggets, boneless hot wings, skinless sausage, bratwurst, and more are made from only the finest materials, including, PerformAlloy®, Formalyte® and EconoTest®. Our tooling is engineered to the tightest tolerances to minimize leakage and maximize usable life. Only Formax Tooling including drums, mold plates and breather plates, can provide you with processing flexibility, while also delivering the industry’s most consistent portion weights and minimal leakage.

Be assured, the Provisur tooling group also offers the shortest lead times in the industry and can design customizing tooling to help you produce everything from a basic flat patty to the most demanding 3D product shapes.

Choose from our proprietary Tooling Systems:


Creates skinless sausage and bratwurst with excellent texture and precise weight control.


Creates consistent, exact weight portions with natural texture and shape.


Gives you the texture and appearance of natural products while improving portion control.