The ULTRA26® offers high volume processors a new path to optimum line performance, reduced maintenance and enhanced portion control. 

The ULTRA26® is suitable for forming a broad range of meat, poultry and non-meat products. It is commonly used by high-volume processors to form popular products such as burger patties, pork sausage, chicken filets and chicken nuggets.

The ULTRA26® delivers precise weight and shape control while forming products with a natural texture and excellent appearance. Despite its small footprint, the ULTRA26® delivers high productivity at rates that exceed 3,400 Kgs. per hour (7,500 Lbs.).

The Formax® ULTRA26® former features a proven and servo driven knock-out system to accurately place formed products on conveyors for further processing.

  • Touch screen control assures effective user interface
  • Servo mold plate drive enhances machine reliability and accuracy
  • Product feed conveyor allows fully integrated material handling
Features and Specifications
Typical Throughput* 7500 lbs/hour | 3400 kg/hour
Line Width 26 in | 660mm
Speed 25-100 strokes/min
Feed Hopper Capacity 1,000 lbs. | 454 kg
Forming Style Slide-plate
Optional Fill Types Tender-Form®
Custom OEM Tooling Options Forma-Link®
Other Options Meatball roller
Transfer conveyor
Paperfeed (stacking and continuous)
Machine mounted bucket lift
Indexing Tray Conveyor
Shuttle Transfer System
HomeStyle Patty System

*Actual throughput rate will depend on application specifications, including, but not limited to, reduction size, raw material and raw material temperature.

Model Specifications