Innovative Weiler® Mixers are distinguished by a unique twin overlapping paddle system and unload screw that combines to provide a quick thorough mixing action that is gentle on your product while also ensuring a consistent mix of all raw materials. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this counter-rotating paddle system is designed to efficiently mix your raw material while incorporating spices and additives. You enjoy the most consistent and highest quality end product. Built to last in the most demanding operating environments, this Mixer can be seamlessly integrated with all other Weiler equipment.

Models: M20A, M210A, M360B, M5000A, M7225A, M12900A, M16110A

  • Low paddle RPM is gentle, helps ensure consistent product quality
  • Unique twin overlapping paddle system provides faster, more homogenous mixing
  • Polished contact surfaces minimize fat separation, reduce product waste and increase yields
  • Full length unload screw optimizes mixing
  • Sized to assure smaller-volume and multiple unit users the lowest overall cost of ownership
Model Specifications