Our advanced SX-Loader seamlessly transports and loads sliced portions with minimal manual intervention required, reducing your staffing requirements while increasing throughput and efficiency.

  • Unmatched configuration flexibility that meets the needs of almost any application
  • Accurate portion placement for consistent, reliable performance
  • Designed for the shortest possible footprint while delivering the throughput you need
  • Hygienic design simplifies sanitation and provides clear access to the packager
  • Available with three or five buffering conveyors to minimize line length
  • Available with patented post-buffering alignment system to ensure precise portion loading
  • Lunchmeat – calibrated or irregularly shaped
  • Cheese
  • Natural shaped, whole muscle products (examples: streaky bacon, back bacon, chicken, roast beef bombs)
Presentation Options
  • Stacked
  • Shingled
  • Shaved/bunched
  • Overlapped pattern
  • Side shingle
Features and Specifications
Available Configurations 5.25" x 14.5" / 133 mm x 368 mm
1 slicing lane to 1 wide packager
1 slicing lane to 2 wide packager
2 slicing lanes to 2 wide packer
2 slicing lanes to 3 wide packer
2 slicing lanes to 4 wide packer
3 slicing lanes to 3 wide packer
4 slicing lanes to 4 wide packer
Number of Buffering Conveyors 3 or 5
Make Weight Conveyors Upper reject conveyor or lower stand-alone conveyor
Belt Widths 440 mm or 580 mm / 17.32" or 22.83"
Touch Screen Control 380 mm / 15" color screen
Model Specifications