CashinEDGE™ Introduces the Next Generation in Retail Bacon Slicing

The CashinEDGE Retail Bacon Slicing System from Provisur® brings the highest levels of performance and hygiene to the production line. Innovative features include a new lower product feed belt drive system, user-friendly touch screen controls and an automated cleanup mode that can be activated with the push of a button. These advantages translate to increased throughput, higher slicing yields, improved draft presentations, and easier set-ups and maintenance with reduced giveaway.

A key component of the CashinEDGE’s next generation design is its new lower product feed belt that provides greater system control and reliability. Its servo powered timing belt drive system eliminates backlash and promises precise control over the product as it is delivered to the blade. The drive system smoothes operations, optimizes slicing integrity and promises significant improvements in yield at slicing speeds up to 2000 rpm and over 60 drafts per minute. These advantages in drive technology add to the system’s higher accuracy and are fully complemented by CashinEDGE’s large capacity 11.5” slicing throat with continuous feed for processing products of unlimited length.

State-of-the-art touch screen controls head a long list of powerful features that allow for preprogrammed weight setups and easy changeovers to packages of different thickness and weight. Shingling for packages up to two pounds can be performed from a single screen, and historical operating data is available at the touch of a button. Troubleshooting is also made easier with descriptive diagnostic screens. Allen-Bradley® control components add to the CashinEDGE value.

For enhanced machine hygiene, the CashinEDGE incorporates stainless steel housings, stainless steel motors and mounting standoffs throughout the machine. A next generation automated cleanup mode is also available to simplify sanitation and exceed the standards of the most demanding production floors.

Cashin® incorporates smart technology for enhanced reliability and the lowest cost of ownership. The entire system fits in the same footprint as the company’s leading Retail Bacon System.

The CashinEDGE Retail Bacon System is backed worldwide by Provisur 24/7 support team that offers multilingual training, service and parts.