PowerMax® Independent Drive Systems

CHICAGO, Illinois – Reflecting processors’ ongoing demand for improved speed and accuracy, Formax® PowerMax® slicing technology is engineered to improve yields, reduce giveaway and ultimately lead to better margins. Formax’s 5 Cutting-Edge Technologies encompass slicing solutions for a wide variety of applications with common features of accuracy and lower cost of ownership. (An eBook on those technologies is posted on

Considering accurate, overall slice quality and weight control are top industry priorities, one of the hallmarks of PowerMax slicing is an independent drive system. A truly independent drive, combined with independent scales and classifiers, ensures optimal portion control, because separate slicing systems are essentially built into the same machine. That is in contrast to single drive systems, which feed all logs at the same rate without the ability to adjust to small variations within each log.

With the independent drive system, logs are sliced separately, so the slicer automatically adjusts the feed rate of each log based on variations to maintain tighter weight control of each portion. The operator can run the slicer weight set point closer to the target package, resulting in more consistent individual package weights, lower giveaway (as much as 0.5 to 1.0% lower compared to single drive systems) and increased yields. Accurate portion control can contribute to significant financial savings, greater than $100,000 (U.S. dollars) a year.

Processors can choose the PowerMax slicer that fits their operational and product requirements. The PowerMax4000® offers an 8” x 18.5” slicing throat with up to four independent drives, scales and classifiers making it capable of slicing four-up 4” x 6” product in the stand-up position. The mid-sized PowerMax3000™ offers a 6” x 15” slicing throat, up to three independent drives, scales and classifiers and a quick reload center rear loading design.

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