PowerMax Slicing Systems Reflect Latest Technologies for Superior Luncheon Meat Slicing, Lower Cost of Ownership

Proving that knowledge is indeed power, PowerMax Slicing Systems from Formax were engineered with the latest designs and technologies for slicing luncheon meats with superior quality and performance.

Formax’s exclusive independent drive technology allows for complete control over each log, automatically adjusting to product variation as the product is delivered to the blade. Both models – the PowerMax4000 and the mid-sized PowerMax3000 – provide a lower cost of ownership, due to a proprietary blade technology that increases yield by up to two percent, extends overall blade life and minimizes or eliminates crust freezing requirements.

Operators can choose the PowerMax Slicing System that meets their needs. The PowerMax4000 offers an 8″ x 18.5″ slicing throat with up to four independent drives, scales and classifiers to minimize giveaway and maximize yields. The PowerMax3000 offers a 6″ x 15″ slicing throat, up to three independent drives, scales and classifiers, and a quick reload center rear loading design.

With an open machine design and complete loaf-to-packaging solution, these new Formax slicers also give processors more power over safety and sanitation. The PowerMax4000 and PowerMax3000 are equipped with a safety laser scanning system that simplifies machine washdowns by minimizing the number of mechanical guards to be removed for machine cleaning. Other safety and sanitation features include automated clean-up modes, electronic guarding and an optional PowerLoader System.

The Formax PowerLoader technology further enhances food safety and product presentation by making it possible to slice, convey, stage and load exact weight stacks, drafts or shaved bunches from the slicer to any packaging machine. That option helps processors minimize product handling, extend shelf life and protect the quality image of their brand. Formax Loading Systems can be configured to match any packaging arrangement.