Provisur® Technologies Acquires MultiTec™, a Technology Leader in Autoloading Systems Based in Lotte, Germany

CHICAGO, Illinois – On February 28th, 2013, Provisur® Technologies, Inc. (“Provisur”) acquired the assets of MultiTec™ GmbH & Co. KG (“MultiTec”), a technology leader in autoloading systems, based in Lotte, Germany. This acquisition further expands Provisur’s global technology, sales, service and manufacturing base.

MultiTec designs and manufactures autoloading systems that are the vital link between food-slicing and packaging equipment. Complementary to Provisur’s Cashin® and Formax® Slicing product lines, MultiTec’s technology broadens the company’s ability to provide modular buffering, positioning, turning, in-liner and overlapping solutions to the global sliced-foods industry.

According to Provisur CEO, Mel Cohen, “Increased competition for shelf space has created a need for more creative and appealing consumer packaging of sliced food, which in turn requires increasingly sophisticated autoloading equipment. The acquisition of MultiTec is a natural extension to our Cashin® and PowerMax® slicing equipment range, combining Provisur’s superior slice quality and portion control with MultiTec’s advanced slice positioning capability.”

The management team of MultiTec, Gerd Stratenwerth and Jürgen Bialy, will join Provisur as Business Unit Manager and Engineering Manager, respectively, of the company’s newly-formed Autoloading Systems business unit. Stratenwerth commented, “By combining the technologies of MultiTec and Provisur, we can now offer our customers fully integrated systems solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We are excited to join forces with Provisur and are confident that together we can provide greater value to our customers around the world.”

About Provisur Technologies:

Provisur Technologies, Inc., with a family of proven brands, AM2C®, Beehive®, Cashin®, Formax®, multitec™, TST™ and Weiler®, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment, including meat recovery, separating, grinding, mixing, material handling, forming, slicing, coating, cooking and freezing equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork, fish and other food products.

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