Pushing Boundaries Through Innovation: Provisur leads the way in best-of-class meat and poultry processing equipment

Provisur is a leading industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a global network of sales and service locations. True to its motto ‘Pushing Boundaries’, each of Provisur’s Business Units sets new standards in the food processing equipment industry.  Within each Business Unit – Slicing, Further Processing, Separation and DMC (Defrosting, Marinating, Cooking) – the company holds an impressive number of patents from industry-leading legacy brands. At the recently held Process Expo 2023, the company showcased an exciting range of innovative technologies.

We caught up with Provisur’s President, Brian Perkins and each Business Unit’s subject matter experts from each BU to find out more about Provisur’s range of innovations.

Thank you so much for talking to us today. First, could you explain what exactly ‘Pushing Boundaries’ means to Provisur?

BP: Pushing boundaries is fundamental to who we are. We continuously challenge our own and the industry’s thinking about what is possible. In each of our Business Units, we develop technology that helps our customers improve throughput and yield. In the light of ever-increasing operating expenses, we develop intelligent automation solutions that lead to significant savings in labor and cost. Our Innovation Centers in the US and Europe bring our specialists and our customers together to find new and better ways to service the global food processing industry.  ‘Pushing boundaries’ is therefore firmly grounded in a collaborative effort with our customers to ensure mutual success.  We want our customers to get the most out of their meat.

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