The original “Formax® #1” Forming Machine Retires at OSI

Provisur Technologies, Inc., a global leader in innovative food processing technologies and systems, announced today that OSI Group has purchased a new Formax® forming machine to replace the first manufactured Formax® F26. The iconic Formax® F26 revolutionized beef patty production for OSI (formerly Otto & Sons) by enabling the company to meet an ever-growing demand from its largest customer, which is now a globally recognized QSR chain. From those beginnings, the Formax® F26 quickly became the industry standard for reliability, speed and precision.

In 1971, Provisur first partnered with OSI, a global supplier of custom value-added food products, with the installation of Formax #1 at the company’s location in Maywood, Illinois. The ability to deliver high-quality, precisely portioned items had transformed OSI’s ability to meet the growing demand of its key customer, as the company supplied burgers to the chain’s restaurants in the Chicagoland area. Two years later, the machine moved to the newly-opened OSI West Chicago facility.

Mark Chaplin, Vice President, Operations, Process Improvement and Strategy for OSI said, “The Formax® #1 wasn’t only the first piece of Provisur equipment installed on our line, it was the best solution to meet our needs for reliability and high-volume performance.”

OSI recently purchased a new Formax® forming machine to replace the original F26, which was in operation for an estimated 300,000 hours and processed over half a million tons of raw material. “Provisur provided outstanding service over the years to ensure the machine stayed up and running,” Chaplin said.

Formax®, a legacy brand of Provisur Technologies, has a long-standing history of over 50 years of developing forming technologies. “Since its inception, Formax® has continued to push the boundaries of forming technologies, filing over 500 patents that support a variety of applications and markets,” Brian Perkins, Executive Vice President for Further Processing at Provisur said.

“We’re looking forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with OSI as they continue to develop solutions for their global customers.” 

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