Retail Bacon Slicing

Processor Opportunity:

With greater yields, higher throughput and lower labor costs as their primary goals, a high-volume,
bacon processors asked the Provisur team for an integrated system that would positively affect
their bottom line.

Provisur Solution:

To assure our customer the high throughput required, without sacrificing either yield or portioning
precision, the Provisur team recommended a system that featured one of our most utilized brands.
It includes:

  • CashinEDGE® HS slicer with Add-A-Slice weighing system
  • Dual chamber Servo Card Dispenser
  • Checkweigher
  • Load Assist Conveyor with turning stations

This system continues to produce high volumes of shingled retail drafts on J-boards with excellent weight control, low giveaway, and high yields. The Load Assist Conveyor splits the product flow to either side of the packager to facilitate manual loading of the packager at high rates of speed.

System Information

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