Variety Pack Deli Meat Slicing

Four-meat variety pack production

Processor Opportunity:

Provisur was approached by a long-time customer with a desire to profitably extend their product offering
by producing a line of high-margin deli-meat variety packs.

Provisur Solution:

To ensure both high volume and maximum efficiency, Provisur’s engineers and slicing application specialists
designed an integrated system of Formax® and MultiTec brand equipment to include:

  • Product lift unit
  • PowerMax4500® Slicing System
  • Four-Lane Overlapper
  • Autoloader

This system allows our customer to slice four lanes of different lunchmeat shapes and species with the highest level of weight control and yields. The precision Overlapper combines the four drafts into a single draft to create retail variety packs or sandwich setups. The Autoloader distributes the single drafts into the proper array to match the packager die set pattern for automated loading. All of this is accomplished at high speeds with minimal labor.

System Information

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