Responding to the needs of processors requiring versatility, performance and simplicity, Provisur has designed the Weiler® Omni V family of grinders to efficiently handle both fresh and frozen raw materials. State-of-the-art Dominator® is a proprietary component of the design, assuring optimized product flow and superior product quality.

Models: Omni V 220, Omni V 1109, Omni V 1409


  • Optimized grinding of fresh and frozen raw materials.
  • Dominator Technology for optimal product flow efficiency and product quality unnecessary work to the raw material, ensuring consistent particle definition, excellent texture and the most premium end product overall.
  • Dominator Technology for optimal flow efficiency and product quality
  • Balanced Flowtechnology virtually eliminates rollback and turbulence
  • Consistent particle definition

Product Applications

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Defrosting (Tumblers)