Designed for unmatched versatility and the lowest cost of ownership, Weiler’s Linear Cooker takes cooking, roasting and steaming of your products to a new level. Its revolutionary design achieves optimal air flow and heat transfer for minimal product weight loss and superior quality and texture. And, the electrically operated lift system ensures easy cleaning and complete sanitation.

  • Two independently controlled temperature zones
  • Separately adjustable air flow in both zones
  • Air flow on the top and bottom of the product
  • Steam injection separately adjustable in both zones
  • Electric cabinet with hygienic locks and a pitched roof
  • Adjustable belt speed/cooking time
  • Easy to control from a touch screen display
  • Continues belt wash system during production
  • Semi-automatic CIP system, piping with nozzles through the whole cooker
  • Four electrically operated columns to lift the hood, hygienic design, low maintenance
  • Vapor extraction ducts on in-feed and discharge end of tunnel
  • Water seals around the whole cooker to keep the cooking vapors inside the machine
  • Very heavy duty, hygienic and ergonomic designed and very easy to clean
  • Insulated substructure and hood for energy savings
Features and Specifications
Effective usable belt width 400, 600, 1000
Belt speed (adjustable) 2.4 – 18 m/min
(consult factory for other available speeds)
Electric power consumption 11,94 kW, 400 Volt 50Hz 3 phases + ground
Motors Stainless Steel, IP66
Mesh wire belt Stainless Steel, pitch 12.7 x 2.35 mm
Options Thermal oil control unit