Designed to help processors to keep pace with the growing capacities of today’s forming and freezing technologies, this Weiler® Mixer Grinder continues to prove itself an excellent long-term investment for processors of beef, pork and other raw materials. Twin overlapping counter rotating paddles gently mix every batch to ensure uncompromising product quality. Thanks to the benefits of Provisur’s Dominator® grinding technology, you will achieve greater efficiency with lower total operating costs. Dominator Technology is designed with fewer parts and self-aligning components to simplify operation and make maintenance and sanitation easier. Our proprietary Balanced Flow™ technology minimizes rollback and unnecessary work to the raw material, ensuring consistent particle definition, excellent texture, and a premium end product.

Models: MG Dominator 8/20A, MG Dominator 11/210A, MG Dominator 14/360B

  • Dominator Grinding Technology
  • Increased production, in the same footprint
  • Maximizes product quality
  • Maximizes hard tissue removal
  • Lower operating costs/cost of ownership
  • Enhanced operational features
  • Traditional Mixing Action & Design
  • Overlapping, counter-rotating paddle design
  • Full length unload screw
  • Polished food contact surfaces
  • Preserves meat texture, improved yields, less processing time, reduced sanitation
Model Specifications