Provisur’s STS (soft tissue separator) has a robust design made with high-quality materials, guaranteeing its reliability and high performance. The technology of the STS 2000 allows users to obtain a product that is free of bone fragments, sinew, and cartilage, always maintaining the structure of the fiber in both meat and fish. It can be used as well in dairy depacking solutions as well as extractions of cream from vegetables such as avocados, garlic and more. As the product is introduced into the separator, a flexible pressing belt pulls the product through while pressing against a perforated drum. By means of adjustable mechanical pressure, the soft parts pass through the holes of the drum while the hard parts (nerves, cartilage, fish bones, contaminates, etc.) remain on the outside of the drum and are removed with a scraping knife, exiting the machine by means of the waste chute. Pair the STS with our Presizer and Bone Cannon for a complete line, only from Provisur.

  • Specially hardened stainless steel drum (sieve)
  • Over-sized hopper in-feed for auto feeding
  • Over-sized drive axle and bearings
  • Manual/automatic controls
  • Safety disconnects
  • Easy release belt for easy cleaning
Features and Benefits
Applications Beef, pork, poultry, fish, fruit vegetable
Drum Size 1,3/2/3/4/5 mm drum included
Belt Type One belt included
Dimensions with Hopper (height adjustable 4" higher) 66" (1667 mm) L
53" (1325 mm) W
76" (1910 mm) H
Weight 3,969 lbs (1800 kg)
Circuit Required (Customer Supplied) 3x25 amp
Electric Power Consumption 14.75 HP (11 kW)