Customers rely on Provisur technology to efficiently transform proteins from the initial grind to fully formed and cooked products: 

Red Meat: With years of experience in producing ground beef in bricks, chubs or Patties our Weiler® mixing and grinding equipment and Formax® forming systems provide quantifiable advantages in throughput, yield and quality. 

Poultry: From defrosting to marinating and mixing to forming, coating and cooking Provisur has a state of the art solution for a broad range of poultry applications. Our poultry expertise ranges from applications that include chicken nuggets and patties to popcorn chicken and chicken fries. 

Other Applications: Provisur experts are ready to recommend a specific machine or to help tailor a process based on your specific application. From fish sticks to meatballs to formed steaks and breaded vegetables Provisur has a solution to meet your needs.

Example products: Burgers and pork patties, chicken nuggets, patties and fries, meatballs and fish sticks