Designed specifically for frozen and tempered block applications, Provisur’s high-performance, heavy-duty Weiler Dominator® 16BG Grinder consistently delivers greatly improved product texture. Boost your efficiency with lower total operating costs, thanks to the benefits of Provisur’s Dominator® grinding technology. Dominator technology is designed with fewer parts and self-aligning components to simplify operation and make.

  • Durable, high volume frozen block grinder
  • Efficient reduction of blocks for optimal quality
  • Robust construction handles the toughest raw materials
  • Dominator technology for optimal product flow efficiency and product quality
Features and Specifications
Typical Grind Rate (Frozen)* 27,000 lbs/hour | 12,200 kg/hour
Plate Size 16 in | 400 mm
Grinder Motor 200 hp | 150 kW
Maximum Block Size (Frozen) 10 x 18 x 24 in | 250 x 460 x 610 mm

*Actual grind rate will depend on application specifications, including, but not limited to, reduction size, raw material and raw material temperature.

Model Specifications