Since developing the first high-capacity forming system over 40 years ago, Provisur’s Formax® brand has continued to innovate, consistently pushing boundaries on new technology development that streamlines production, improves product quality, and ensures food safety.

Provisur’s portfolio includes the latest designs in both slide-plate and rotary forming technologies. With machines that range from 150mm to 1M wide Provisur has a solution that meets your capacity needs.

Equipment: Forming

  • VerTex®1000


    The Formax® VerTex®1000 is transforming high-capacity processing lines with breakthrough rotary forming technology, as well as the industry's greatest efficiency.

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  • VerTex®660


    The versatile VerTex®660 offers peak throughput in a high volume platform delivering consistent portioning products that run constantly. This machine is optimal for processors with small to medium volume and frequent product changeovers.

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  • NovaMax®660


    Produce the widest range of products using high-volume, next generation slide-plate forming technology.

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  • NovaMax®500


    For mid-volume processors wanting to produce the widest range of products using next generation slide-plate forming technology.

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  • Maxum®700


    Maximize your throughput and flexibility at the lowest cost of ownership.

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  • Ultra26®


    The ULTRA26® offers high volume processors a new path to optimum line performance, reduced maintenance and enhanced portion control.

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  • Classic F26 Plus

    Classic F26 Plus

    The Classic F26 Plus is the classic and dependable Formax® machine you rely on for speed and precision.

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  • F-400


    Simple, solid, dependable and built for mid-volume processor needs.

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  • F6


    With legendary Formax® reliability, the Formax® F-6 assures accurate filling and consistent weight and is available in user-friendly PLC control. 

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  • Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    From the most basic autoloading needs to the most sophisticated applications, Provisur patented technology delivers reliable and efficient performance, putting the right technology on your line.

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  • Fill Systems

    Fill Systems

    Fill Systems Innovative systems for Tender-Form Patties, whole muscle poultry, chicken nuggets, skinless sausage, boneless hot wings and more are briefly described below.
    Be assured, Choose from our proprietary Tooling Systems:

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