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  • Marinating, Tenderizing & Injecting

Marinating, Tenderizing & Injecting

Provisur’s Lutetia® brand of marinating, tenderizing and injecting machinery provide state of the art solutions for your application. Injectors feature interchangeable heads and active pressure control to provide fast, homogenous injection of the solution into the heart of the muscle.  Tumblers provide slow gentle handling of product with a homogeneous infusion of marinade solutions. For added flexibility marinating tumblers can also be used for defrosting, and the addition of colors and flavoring.

Equipment: Marinating, Tenderizing & Injecting

  • Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    Automated transfer systems bridge the gap, safely and efficiently moving your raw material to the further processing equipment while reducing manual touch points.

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