To precisely match your needs for efficiency and throughput, Provisur offers the Formax® brand for slicing deli meats, cheese and naturally shaped products, as well as Cashin® brand slicers engineered to maximize yields on streaky bacon, pepperoni and bulk products. Both Provisur brands utilize proprietary technology that has proven to boost yields, reduce giveaway and enhance food safety. Our newest addition to the Formax® lineup is the game-changing SX380 Slicer that features a flexible configuration and open design that assures easy access for fast, thorough sanitation. Similarly, the compact new CashinEDGE® Slicer builds on the brand’s 40-year legacy of performance and reliability, delivering maximum yields and throughput, along with simple operation.

All Formax® and Cashin® slicers are complemented by the efficiency of our Multitecbrand of product handling solutions that automate portion handling, minimize labor and optimize food safety.

Equipment: Slicing

  • SX380


    New FORMAX SX380 delivers the highest levels of performance and hygiene with true flexibility and a small footprint.

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  • SX330


    The Formax® SX330 brings greater flexibility and performance to your slicing operations.

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  • PowerMax®4500


    PowerMax4500 is a high capacity slicer with enhanced product control for higher accuracy and yields.

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  • PowerMax®3500


    PowerMax®3500 is a mid-sized slicer with a measurable difference in capacity, accuracy and performance.

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  • CashinEDGE® HS Retail Bacon

    CashinEDGE® HS Retail Bacon

    The CashinEDGE® HS gives you the competitive edge when it comes to increased yields, greater throughput and accurate slice count control. It's the smart and simple way to slice bacon with highest performance at the very lowest ownership costs.

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  • CashinEDGE® Bulk or Layout Bacon

    CashinEDGE® Bulk or Layout Bacon

    CashinEDGE® incorporates smart technology at every step down the line. Cashin® technology is proven in its reliability, service and low cost of ownership.


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  • CashinEDGE® Pepperoni

    CashinEDGE® Pepperoni

    The next generation in pepperoni slicing for superior throughput, slice integrity and ease of operation.

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  • CashinEDGE® MultiSlicer

    CashinEDGE® MultiSlicer

    CashinEDGE® Multi-Slicer brings a new generation of high performance to your production line. Cashin technology makes it happen with advanced features that include an optimized drive system, generous 14.5” throat, proprietary 2,000 rpm blade and more.

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  • Scanner (SCN)

    Scanner (SCN)

    Only Provisur’s next-generation scanners use blue-light sensor technology to record every crack, crevice, peak, and valley in your products for a true three-dimensional image.

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  • SX-Loader


    Simplify sliced portion loading and reduce operating costs with the Formax® SX-Loader

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  • Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    Product Handling Equipment & Peripherals

    A wide range of product handling systems are available to automate portion handling and offer a variety of presentation options. Peripheral equipment complements the slicers and extend their capabilities.

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